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Automate your HR Processes with AI


Better Decisions, Lower Costs for HR

Unlock the Potential of HR with AI-Assistance: Better, Faster Decisions, Time and Cost Savings, Enhanced Employee Experience and Improved Recruitment


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What Amanda Can Do

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HR Process Automation

Automate your HR tasks to Amanda. Everything from writing a Job Description to creating a detailed report, done in seconds.

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Streamline Recruitment

Quickly Identify the Best Candidates with AI instead of manually assessing numerous applications



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Better Decisions

Unleash the power of AI to make bulletproof decisions that are accurate, efficient & immune to human bias

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Legal Support

HR Legal Questions Answered in Real-Time without charging in 6 minute increments

How to Ask Amanda

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example uses

Write me a 800 word job description for a HR Manager. Use these subheadings: 1) Primary purpose. 2) Key Accountabilities. 3) Key Challenges. 4) Essential Requirements. 5) Key Knowledge & experience. For all subheadings starting with the word “Key'” use dot points to summarise content.

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Chat with Amanda like you would a real person. Amanda remembers what you have said throughout the entire chat

Correct Amanda like you would a real person. Amanda learns in real time

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Amanda Answers is the world’s only specialised AI to improve your business HR efficiency, slash costs and improve decision making. Amanda is being used by  private ad public HR teams across the world to empower their HR staff to perform at their best and deliver improvements and cost savings in recruitment, time-to-hire, employee engagement, diversity and turnover rate, year-over-year.


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